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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Now we are back into the swing of things, I've been pondering a blog post for a few days.  But what to focus on?  I've been doing a bit of this and a bit of that with nothing particularly driving me to write it down.  So I thought I'd just do a conglomeration post, showing my thisis and thats and maybe that will encourage me!

I've made a bag - and loved it so much and had so many positive comments that I'm making another one (sitting flat on the chair) and writing a pattern.  (And by crikey, I admire people who churn out pattern after pattern.  Those things are a drag to write!)

A close up of the quilting on the other side of the bag.

I've recovered from two weeks camping and I've started exercising to combat the Christmas/New Year's/Summer/Just Because bulges.
 (Truth:  the sum total of my exercising was a half-hour walk this morning.)

I've climbed and conquered Mt Washmore (the nickname I have fondly given my washing pile).

I've laughed at the cat.

I've started a new night-shift project with some of my favourite prints.  These squares are cut to finish at eight inches to show off the fabrics.

I've oogled the ducklings (anyone want a pekin duck for their pond - I've got a few spare!)

I've played with organza and tui and low-volume strips (no you are not seeing double, I've just offset the organza overlay).

And I've firmly tried to ignore the urge to write a list of resolutions as long as my arm.  In fact, the best New Year's list I've seen is here, on Terri Grant's blog, And sew it goes...


  1. What cute ducklings...I only have a pool and I don't think my kids (or neighbours) would be very impressed if they got up one day and found live stock swimming in it LOL! and your kitty is too funny hehe.

    I love your projects...especially the tui/flax. Very nice!!

  2. Welcome back, love those ducklings, but seeing as we have a fussy neighbour who doesn't like our chook's noise, I doubt we'll be getting ducks!

  3. I love your Mt. Washmore -I must adopt it.How is the sight from above there? Ha ha. The cat is not afraid of water which someone might turn on.
    . Greetings from Germany.

  4. I too love the bag - you are very clever. I still use the one you made me a couple of Christmas's ago every day. It is my favourite!! Very brave and funny cat.

  5. Lovely bag!!! Loving those furry babies too!
    Good luck with the pattern writing!

  6. Your comglogerate post is great Charlotte - nice to see what people get up too!! I would have laughed at the cat too! Your bag is lovely - hope you've conquered the pattern writing!


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