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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I thought it was finished

but the quilt top has decided it's not.  It tells me it wants a border.  And I had one.  In fact, the whole quilt was built around some fabrics I bought, including a striped deep rose pink that I thought would be perfect for the border.  Well, it's not perfect, it's terrible.  It's all wrong.  

Has that happened to you?

And of course, no other fabric in my (rather too extensive) stash is right either.  I actually think it needs a border of the brown/grey that makes up the corner-stones in the sashing - the centre of the faux churn dash block.  Which, of course, I have none left of.  Luckily I'm pretty sure I know where I got it from.

Now here's a question for you:
What do you put in your water when you cook a corned beef?  It seems this is quite a traditional thing.  Preferences passed down from parent to child.  I put in a chopped onion, some whole cloves, a bit of golden syrup and bay leaves.  I'd love to know what your preferred flavours are.


  1. Yip, happens all the time. What's that saying about best laid plans?? Sometimes it pays to not plan too far in advance - even though we plot and scheme, you never can quite imagine how it's all going to look until it is finally pieced together... and each additional extra, whether it be a border or two, the quilting lines and the binding, all change the appearance of the final product even further. Having said that, it looks lovely and I agree - itching for a border! Are you going to bring it on Fri? And no, I don't put anything into my corned silverside, and neither did my mother.

  2. Love the quilt top, but I'm with you, a border would finish it beautifully! My corned beef 'brew' sounds very much like yours, I also add whole peppercorns and a splash of malt vinegar....

  3. The thing with borders happens all the time.
    Corn beef, a little vinegar and cloves.

  4. Balsamic vinegar, a curl of orange peel, cloves, bay leaves and black peppercorns. Love the quilt - and agree on the border, hope you can find more of the fabric!

    Love Lou

  5. It's gorgeous Charlotte and a border will finish it off beautifully. My corned beef is similar to yours. Mum always cooks carrots in with the corned beef too.


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