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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The thrill of starting a new project...

So a while back I said I had to finish two projects before I could start another.  It was an attempt to whittle my WIP pile down a little (so it fitted on shelves at the least!).

Well, I finished my tree of life quilt (now called Life Encircling) and my Tui at Dawn quilt, both for entry into the Taupo Symposium so I can't show them here.  So I did a little happy dance and started pulling fabric.  I think mucking round with fabric combos is better than eating chocolate...

It's going to be a log cabin quilt for a very special someone.  I don't think that someone reads my blog very often, and I'm extra sure they won't know what a barn raising setting, log cabin means so I think I'm safe showing a few snippets.

Meanwhile I tackled another project in my WIP pile.  I think I've made the world's ugliest grocery tote!  But it was sitting in my WIP pile and it was a quick project to finish up and hey, the vegetables and packets of pasta ain't gonna care what their bag looks like.  (Sometimes I think I almost like the fabric combination, then other times I catch a glimpse and have to shield my eyes.)

Then I proceeded to break my own rule and started another four projects - that is, another four tote bags (seeing as they are all tote bags, can I pretend it's just one project?).  I rationalised it because production line assembly is the fastest way to get stuff done and I'd already started one bag, right?  Plus I need to make a couple of belated birthday pressies.

Ah well, I could keep trying to convince myself  or I could go finish them up.....Happy Saturday!


  1. Yup, yup, yup - you don't need to rationalise new projects with me... after all, what's a few new projects between friends. Let me know if you need a few more dark blues... is that what your FQ swap indigos is for?

  2. Of course the tote bags only count as one!

  3. Great to hear you got your two finished for symposium ok. Your log cabin fabrics are great - looking forward to seeing more of them! I'm with Leeann - of course your tote bags only count as one project!!

  4. I love the tote bag. The colours are nice. And I am looking forward to your "barn raising"l I love Log-cabin quilts.


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