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Monday, January 20, 2014

100 followers must mean a giveaway!

So when I logged in today, Blogger told me I had 100 followers.  Wow.  It still blows me away that there are people out there interested in my quilts and what I get up to from day to day (I mean apart from my family who are kinda obligated to be interested!)

Just to celebrate the New Year and life and the fact that I'm apparently interesting, I thought I'd have a little giveaway.

I've become a little addicted to dyeing thread and I thought some of you out there might like some of my hand dyed, silk/cotton embroidery thread.  It's not quite the weight of perle cotton but makes a lovely embroidery stitch.  You could also use it for big stitch decorative quilting.  I've tried separated it into two strands for a finer stitch, it doesn't separate as easily as stranded embroidery thread, but it will.

And it's luscious!!  It's soft and strong and sews beautifully and, being silk, has a wonderful lustre to it.

Each bundle has 10 strands of thread in it.  Each thread is 1.3 metres long, so you get 13 metres in each bundle (I can't call it a skein because it's not continuous, but I'm not sure if there is a correct term. Anyone know?)

If you'd like some of these threads, here's what to do:  write me a comment telling me what you hope 2014 will bring for you, and what kind of colour bundles you'd like if you won.  You must be able to be contacted by email so make sure you add your email address into your comment or be a reply-enabled commenter.  I'm happy to post overseas.

On Saturday 25th January 12pm New Zealand time, I'll pick a random number for a winner.  Then I'll contact the winner by email and send that lucky person a parcel with five different bundles of thread in it, inside one of my hand printed zip pouches (I'll try and match the pouch to the thread colours).

And if you don't win but would like some of this unique thread, I'm going to be adding some bundles to my Etsy shop very soon.

Good luck!


  1. Wow what a generous offer. Your threads are beautiful and I love the little pouches. Last year I started textile art classes and have learnt so much already but hope to learn heaps more in the coming year. I would love to be able to produce lovely art pieces incorporating hand embroidery so your threads would be well appreciated.

  2. Hi Charlotte

    Congratulations on your quilt being pictured in the latest issue of Quilt Mania. Well done!

    I am hoping this year to get better at using my quilting machine. Actually what that really means is I hope I find some time to use it :-)

  3. Oh well done, little sis. Family I might be but I love seeing what you're up to. Your threads are gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful threads! I hope 2014 brings lots of sewing time for me - I really want to learn to FMQ better. I'd love any colors, but red and turquoise and fresh green are my faves. Thanks!

  5. Congratulations on making 100. Quite a buzz isn't it. For 2014 I'm hoping to do lots of quilting and expand my quilting styles.
    Colours for me purple, pink, yellow, and just pop them in the fantail pouch please!

  6. I have a big project planned this year but first I need to clear up some of my ufo stack. And my first dear Jane is nearly finished :)


  7. For 2014 I wish for good health, joy for quilting, to build my blog and open an Etsy shop by the end of the year!! I love all the colours, pinks, orange/yellow and green...... Well all of them. Thanks for the opportunity! Congrats on making the big 100!

  8. as a busy Playcentre mum to 2 toddlers I'm hoping 2014 brings me more time to quilt with one off to school in Aug and another starting 1 drop off morning in August! Really needed with the PILE of ideas generated over the holidays lazying on the beach for Symposium quilt entries. Love them all- the tones are typical of NZ so resonate with my work! congrats on 100!

  9. Congratulationson100 followers-and I would expect many more to come to your blog. For 2014 my aim is to return to blogging after a break last year-better hurry as January is nearly over ; and to become friends with my longarm-it's time I got using it much more. Your dyed threads are gorgeous and I love the purple shaded ones.

  10. Hi Charlotte, sorry I missed your giveaway - I saw it come up and wanted to get to it but didn't - life's been a bit busy the past few weeks. Congratultions on all your followers. The thread looks gorgeous and I may just have to check out your shop!!


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