This blog is a bit of a ramble through my life. There's a lot about quilting and textile arts, a sprinkle of my family life and some of my thoughts and ponderings. We currently live aboard an old wooden 1945 Navy boat, called MV Cerego, so you'll find me writing about that too. Welcome aboard!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

What we did...

...for three weeks.  

Wading at high tide.

Too many riding on the 'gator'.

A birthday in the paddock.

Canoeing on the stream.

Horseriding with the bestest Uncle. 

Toasting marshmellows

Lying around doing nothing.

Admired the view.



There was also pool swimming, beach swimming, eel feeding, flounder hunting, fishing and lots of smoking of fish, good food, cousins and aunties and uncles and friends, hammock swinging, puddle jumping, stitching, spinning, one collapsed gazebo and a lost then found pair of glasses from falling off the jet ski.  Best Christmas camping trip yet.  See you again next year.


  1. Now that's a real holiday! Brilliant! Where are the photos of the stitching and spinning though?

  2. It looks and sounds wonderful!!!

  3. Lots of fun - wish we had a trip. Maybe next year. It would have been so nice to have family to share stuff like this with but there are no cousins for my two and aunts and uncles tend to have their own things to do. I'm sad for what they have missed that we had but that's life.



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