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Friday, July 4, 2014

Boat Renovation Update

I took a quick look around the boat this afternoon and snapped some pictures for an update.  We finally feel as if we are getting somewhere.

The main saloon was blue...

and is now white again.  Crisp, shiny, bright white.  I worried that stark white would be too cold, but I love it.  It enlarges the space so much, brings in heaps of light and it just says 'boat'.

The galley is painted too, white again.  There will be wood trim around the edges of the ceiling - helps hide the cracks and the power cords that will be run through soon.

And we've painted the roof of the wheelhouse (you would not believe how stained and revolting it was - probably from years of nicotine as the captain smoked while steering the boat - lucky no smell remains).

The old floor in our forward cabin has been ripped out ready for a new one.  I love seeing the big heavy timbers of her keel.

There is a staircase to get to the top deck now instead of a dodgy ladder.

And the staircase has a new hatch through to the top deck.

But the most substantial progress of all?  In the once-was-fishhold, we now have the beginnings of walls and doors and we have new floor to walk on.  This will be the kid's cabins and playroom.


After a long, tiring month, I'm now have two weeks of annual leave and the kids have two weeks of school holidays.  So I'm not sure whether I'll get heaps done, or nothing at all.  Stay tuned!


  1. HUGE changes and lots more done than I thought in such a short amount of time, well done guys!

  2. Wow! It is so exciting to watch this transformation! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Gosh it is really coming along fast Charlotte! You know I once had a real aversion to white interiors, but now I really really like them, so clean and fresh looking. The boat is going to be so awesome for you all :-)

  4. Absolutely love the white! So clean and pretty. Congrats on all the progress.

  5. You have really been working hard. I think the white is a good choice for the reasons you stated, but also so that you can change out cushion covers and curtains and not have to worry about the new fabrics clashing with the walls. Can you tell I have big plans for you? ;-)

  6. Wow, what a difference! You must be happy. I was just wondering while reading the blurb about you on the side of your blog, what about the chicken mad lady??

  7. yay progress. So lovely. It will be exciting once it is done. Seeing progress is rewarding. Its such a grind when you know long hours are being put in for so little result. It is wearing and soul destroying. Progress is great


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