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Friday, July 11, 2014

Episode 9 Rain, rain, go away

On this podcast I whine about the weather, I admit it!  It's been revolting for a week now - floods and gales etc.  I'm pretty sure you're allowed to whinge after your chicken food shed door got ripped off, right?

This is taken out the back door in a relative break in the weather.

And my darling daughter took this one of me, clearing out the flooding drain.  Again.

I give a rundown on my Welcome Swallow quilt.  It's under the needle finally.  In this pic I'm quilting and appliqueing at the same time....'cause I can.

I also talk about mono printing - taking a single print off a surface, in this case a gelli plate - onto fabric.  I'm going to be doing a demonstration of it at our quilting club's regional day.  This is a picture of some mono printing on paper that I did with the kids.   It's been a little while, maybe I should do some more with them this holidays.  We really need some more rainy day activities!


  1. Lovely rainy day outfit there!

  2. The rain was bad but the wind was horrible! We just got the building paper on the wall and then had to chase building supplies all over the back yard. Then refasten the paper with batons, pick up one of the windows that broke loose and smashed itself on a tree stump, chase more stuff, retie the tarp over the stuff on the veranda........!!!!!


  3. Do I see a theme here of birds/flying things? I really love the quilt on your header. it looks like it is going very fast!

  4. Ah, the joys of winter, hey?

  5. What will you do with your dogs and chickens when you go to live on the boat? And what will you do in such rotten , windy weather ?

    I sure hope that rotten weather has passed by now. You absolutely have the right to complain when it's that bad for that long!

  6. I finally got to listen to Ep.9. I wanted to share my Change of Seasons quilt with you,because I also use a technique where I sometimes quilt and applique' at the same time. I usually use straight pins, though I haven't done this in awhile and may glue baste or tack with bits of fusible next time. Take a look at:


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