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Monday, July 21, 2014

Lily's Quilt

A little while ago, Lily sent me an email requesting an appliqué pattern of my Tui (a native New Zealand bird) that she had seen on my blog (or maybe Pinterest?) and also asking if I had a Kiwi pattern.  I drew and wrote them up for her and sent them off.

Lily was kind enough to send me a picture of her finished quilt.  I was so impressed that I wrote back asking permission to share her picture and her story and she generously agreed.  Lily wrote:

"Hello Charlotte

Remember me? you very kindly sent me the pattern for your Tui bird together with the Kiwi and another.
I have finished my quilt for my friend and sent it over-seas. She has got delivery of the quilt last week and the first thing she did was cry - she loved it ! Phew it was such a challenge for me being new to applique but in the end I was glad it turned out ok. You will see that I have used Jenny Hunter designs out of NZ Quilter which I could get back copies from our library. I have been in touch with Jenny Hunter and will also be sending her a copy of this e-mail.

Kind regards

Lily took my patterns and turned them into her own.  The Tui on the left middle and the kiwi on the right middle are my designs, but she added koru (spirals) to them to make them work with the rest of the panels.  How fantastic!  It was really fulfilling to see someone inspired by my designs, but use them to create something special and unique.

Thanks Lily!


  1. Wow I think I would've cried if I had received that quilt as well. It is fantastic. Your designs fit into it very well and a great buzz for you to see how Lily used them.

  2. Amazing! What a great quilt.

  3. Yup!!! Deeeeelightful and it is nice to see designs used in other contexts too.

    I've a nice design for an embroidered kiwi but haven't tried applique.


  4. Wow...that is so cool! What a privilege to have some-one ask if they could use your designs!

  5. It is truly wonderful to see how other quilters are inspired by somebody else's work. What a gorgeous way to portray our NZ native birds. No wonder the receiver cried on delivery!

  6. Well done Lily - it is beautiful. How neat to see your designs used in such a lovely way.


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