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Friday, August 15, 2014

How to tell when it's time to do housework.

I cleaned off my trestle table and my ironing board so I could use them to surround my Sew-ezi table.  I decided to spend some time quilting my big blue and white quilt and I need to support the mammoth  weight of the quilt while I'm working on it.

I put all the bits and pieces that were on my ironing board and trestle table onto my chest freezer, which doubles as my cutting table.  But now I want to make some soup and I need to get into that freezer.  Where can I put that junk highly important bits and pieces?

On the laundry bench?  Nope, that's my ironing space (see previously mentioned repurposed ironing board), a repository for washing-needing-to-be-folded and storage for art stuff that hasn't made it back to the cupboards.

I know, I'll put it on the studio chair aka cat bed.  Oh shoot, that's being used to store quilts, zip pouches, patterns I'm writing and fabrics I'm auditioning.

Maybe I don't want to make soup.

But there are kids to be fed.


It's time to do some housework, isn't it?

(and how, oh how, am I going to work in the smaller space of a boat?)


  1. Think of the boat as a chance to reorganize! Lol! I have this same problem often with every inch of space covered. Hoping to tidy up in the fall. My ironing board is a catch all right now.

  2. I think no matter how much space you have, it gets covered!! Good luck with finding things...!

  3. Never ever do you get ahead on that one :)


    ps it's even worse when the builders cover your things with their things!

  4. doesn't matter how much space you have, we could always do with more! Don't you wish for a magic wand at these times!

  5. I take comfort from your mess, it looks like mine xxxx

  6. Oh, oh! I can see another problem ... where are you going to put that freezer on a boat?!? Elizabeth xx

  7. Haha! I'd feel right at home in your place! Boat comment brought back memories too. Storage shed Adelaide, little one in Sydney, oh... One in Yamba too! Car....also full! Life of a cruiser living on a boat! Such fun!

  8. Take heart - between hockey, hockey and more hockey, school and music we have layers upon layers of debris and no time. Things calm down after October - time to clean then :-)

  9. I have a decent sized studio, and I still have to move things around to find space to work. I bet you'll do just fine on your boat.

  10. Hi Charlotte I'm a quilter/embroiderer/teacher from UK, have been peaking at your blog from time to time. I've been to NZ a couple of times and taught at the Queenstown Symposium, I'm coming back to NZ early next year to teach for ANZEG but first my husband and I would like to have a holiday coming to Northland first, we don't know the area at all and would like to stay self catering for about a week before going back south, can you recommend anywhere?

  11. Oh Charlotte - how I can relate to this and am afraid I did giggle :) I hopped here for an advance peek from Elizabeth's blog just now. I tagged her in the blog hop - which means that even less housework gets done here as everyone has such fascinating tales to tell.

    Hugs, Di xx

  12. Hi there... just meeting you bloggily via Monika .... I had a good laugh at your pictures... my Hubz came the other day and said "do I need to put this in quilt room 1, 2, 3 or 4 (it was a bit of ironing).... we need so much space don't we?


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