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Thursday, September 25, 2014

I hate cardboard boxes...

So this is the view this afternoon from my clothesline, up on the top deck.  It's HOT today.  I can feel the breath of summer on the breeze and I'm looking forward to a season of beaches, swimming and cruising the bays.  

If I turn around a bit I can see the beach where we walk.  I'm loving living down here, smack bang in the middle of a community.  It's a big contrast to living so rurally.  I get to say good morning to ten people before I've had breakfast sometimes.

However, while it's peaceful and beautiful outside, inside is another story.  We spent the first couple of weeks just moving in what we needed, taking it easy, getting used to it all.  Now we are working as hard as we can to clean out our house so we can get it tenanted (and get some rent coming in).  

So now my life is boxes, decisions and organising.  Ug.  It amazes me how much stuff we've collected over the last five years in our house - and I am not a hoarder either.  

My fabric and quilting studio equipment is causing a bit of a headache.  Thankfully my mother in law, who lives just up the road, has generously let me borrow cupboard space for fabric until I get a bit more sorted.  I'm seriously looking into renting some sort of studio space locally.  We'll see.

So still very little quilting being done, but I'm trying to be very zen about that.



  1. Beautiful views! Wishing you many Zen moments!

  2. Seems a big adventure to me - I wish you all the best and a studio place very soon.

  3. Lol!! I think a studio place would be awesome for you. Maybe a classroom space too? Good luck- one box at a time.

  4. oh good old banana boxes - know them well!! What lovely views you have; wishing you well with your sorting.

  5. I have a similar problem here - too many boxes since starting the renovation. I am about to apply for my post grad in art which hopefully will give me somewhere to actually work!


  6. Sounds like a separate studio would be a perfect solution. What a difference your lifestyle seems to be from what it was. A lot of changes to digest.

  7. Well, I came to your blog to tell you that I miss your podcasts, and would you please release another episode soon....then I read this post and see exactly why you haven't had time to podcast! Good luck with the sorting and packing. I hope to hear from you when things calm down a bit!

  8. We have spent the last few days moving my daughter into her new home. She could so relate to your boxes! Although she is moving from a smaller place to a bigger one having just bought her own home and moving out of shared accommodation. Her dad has been kept very occupied putting furniture together, installing blinds and all that. I hope you are able to get yourself sorted soon and work out what space you are going to need and where. Looking forward to a podcast soon.


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