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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

School holiday stitching

I'm sitting at the local public swimming pool watching my kids burn some energy.  It's school holidays, the two week break between the third and fourth term, and it's shaping up to be a busy one.

I should be at my house, sorting and packing, but there is only so much of that the kids can take before they drive me nuts, so the pool is good for all of us.  They get some entertainment and excercise, and I get some hand stitching time, which is highly therapeutic to my stressed and tired brain.

I'm embroidering on little squares of cotton batting that I hand dyed.  The threads are silk and stranded cotton and are hand dyed too.  Just little circles of different stitches, I guess it's a sampler really. Whatever it is, it's helping me keep my zen.


  1. I love these pieces - the circles will keep you grounded and reduce the stress levels :)
    Packing to move is so tiring - we forget that it's not only physical but also emotional, with every item needing a decision ... while daily life and commitments continue!
    You will be settled on board your beautiful boat soon and peace and tranquillity will reign! cheers, Cait

  2. What a great idea, I've struggled to find a portable project that I'd be happy to work on while the kids do their stuff. I usually end up surfing or playing on my iPad.

  3. looking good! Good thinking to take the kids to the pool.

  4. What a lovely project, the squares would be just the right size to take along and work on anywhere wouldn't they?

  5. Those are nice. Should make for an interesting sampler too.


  6. You must be in a different microclimate to us... we've still be lighting the fire at night! Although people have been seen with short sleeves on during the day... ooohhh!

  7. Nice and necessary sometimes to have a mindless project!


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