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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

More quilts from Festival of Quilts

I thought I'd show a few pictures of some of the quilts that particularly caught my eye at the 2014 Auckland Festival of Quilts.  Of course the lighting makes it difficult to get great shots, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.  And I urge you to go to FOQ next year, up close and personal is the best way to view!

Show me the Honey by Rebecca Owen, hand-quilted and machine quilted by Judi Schon

Brainwaves by Robyn Rognstad

Caravan Quilt by Val Williams

Enchantment by Debbie Jones, Dragonfly Studio - Enchantment pattern

Pyjama Party by Annie White

Road Block by Annie White, 

Faceless Comrades by Alison Laurence

I wish I'd had more time to spend looking and browsing.  One thing I learnt - interviews take longer than you think!  But here are some blogs with more photos if you want to browse:


  1. Oh I totally missed some of those. Thanks for linking up to my blog.

  2. Like the caravan one, and the pyjama party and..........! Some day I'll get to one of these events again.


  3. I always love to see what everyone picks out as their favourite ones! Yep, am planning on getting there next year!

  4. Wow - what talented quilters. I love how they're so different as well. did you get lots of inspiration and ideas for new quilts

  5. You got some good photo's, it was a strange light in there and some of the large quilts didn't want to be smaller to fit into my photo's! You were super good and got names etc, I was a bad girl, I forgot that special detail.

  6. Thanks for including my quilt :). It is interesting to see which other quilts those who enjoyed my quilts like! I quite liked "Enchantment" so it's good to see that one here too


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