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Monday, June 15, 2015

Podcast - Interview with Kerry Glen from Tulis Textiles, Batik Specialist

This episode is an interview with Kerry Glen of Tulis Textiles, a web based quilt shop that specialises in batik fabrics, squedge rulers and now branching out into surface design supplies.  Kerry talks about her journey into quilting, and importing and selling batiks.  

This is a photo of one corner of Kerry's cutting room.  I confess that I took a few colours home with me...

We learn how batiks are made and also about some other Indonesian fabrics.  Below is a picture of one of Kerry's chops or caps, which is used to print a wax resist onto the fabric.  This is the surface of the chop dipped into the wax, the handle is behind the chop and you can't see it.

Here is a picture of the table runner that we talk about, with an unusual colour scheme inspired by a clay pot, and created using a 15 degree wedge ruler.  Kerry has a free pattern for this on her website, click here to see it.

Kerry has begun holding quilt retreats and we discuss the why and wherefores of getting together groups of like minded people.  It's really awesome that the New Zealand quilt market is growing to the extent that make these retreats viable.  I hope that Kerry keeps getting the numbers to continue these as they are an awesome way for quilters to get together with people who speak your language and learn something new.  Go and check out the details for her textile art retreat in August.

Kerry has also started stocking surface design supplies, check them out here, and check back often as the range is going to grow.  

I had a wonderful time talking to Kerry, and there is much more, so have a listen and enjoy!

Download this episode (right click and save)

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