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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Love Letter to Quilters

Dear Quilters,

You rock.

I spent last weekend immersed in quilts, fabric and sewing machines; surrounded by quilters, fabricholics, merchants and quilt admirers and every interaction I had was a pleasant one.

Everyone smiled at me, everyone had nice things to say, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. There were no elbows at the merchant stalls, there were no overheard nasty comments about the quilts.

I had such a great time and it was all due to you amazing quilters.  What awesome people you are!

To the committee of Aotearoa Quilters who organised the show - thank you.  To the volunteers who put in hundreds of hours of their own time - thank you.  To the quilters who made the quilts for me to admire - thank you.  To the merchants who sponsored the prizes and supported the show - thank you.  To the people who visited the show - thank you.

Having such an awesome time brings home to me how influential personal interactions are on my experience.  A smile and a nod can really make someones day.  An invitation to share lunch or dinner is a wonderful friendly overture.  Even a quick conversation over the fat quarter selection may make someone feel warm inside.

Quilters, never forget what power you have!

I'm so glad I'm part of this community of passionate artists and craftspeople.  You quilters make beautiful things, warm things, lovely and loving things and you also share that passion with others.  You are generous of spirit; sharing your knowledge, your time and occasionally your precious fabric with others.

Thank you for being the cool people that you are.

With love,



  1. So great to read this - especially the comment about 'no overheard nasty comments' - this is what always gets to me at quilt shows. That and also those people who stand in awe of quilts and proclaim that they are going to throw away their sewing machine and that they will never be good enough. I think it sounds fun to experience a quilt show in NZ .....

  2. Awesome - I love quilt shows. So much to touch (with white gloves of course), see and buy. But the best bit (as you quite rightly say) is the interaction with other quilters. Cos quilters definitely 'rock'!!

    1. I got to white glove for a while and I loved talking to the viewers about the quilts, heaps of fun!

  3. All sounds good then :) Someday I'll get to a major show again.....

  4. Neat letter Charlotte, I only wish I could have made it to the show!


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