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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Issued: Quilt Challenge!

 Aotearoa Quilters have issued two mini quilt challenges and I'm forming a quilt challenge email group within my quilt club to help us get motivated and provide support to each other.  I thought I'd extend the invitation out to any of you readers who also want to join in the fun.

This is my blue and orange 12 X 12 challenge entry for our exhibition earlier this year.  It was fun to make!

So here are the details: 

Their website is where you can find more info.  At the moment they don't seem to have much up about these challenges, but I'm guessing they are recovering from the great nz quilt show and they'll get back into gear soon.

This is the info I've had in my newsletter so far:

Yellow 12 x 12 The colour challenge this year is YELLOW - think ranges from deep golds through to pale lemon. Do you think sunflowers and daffodils, autumn trees, egg yolks and lemons, sunshine and bees? Size 12x12 inches.

The deadline for entries is September 1, 2016

Floral 18 x 8. We are excited to be invited to be part of the Orchid and Flower Show in Auckland, September 22-25 this year. We will be exhibiting both the Yellow 12x12 challenge and the new 18x8 inches Floral challenge.  This can be interpreted any way you like from floral fabrics to traditional applique through to a modern or art interpretation. Think flowers! There is plenty of inspiration available on their website 

Size is 45x20cm (portrait). All are for sale at $125. The entry deadline is September 1, 2016.

So our deadline is Sep 1st.  That gives us about 13 weeks, heaps of time!

The rules for the last colour challenge (green) said it was open to members and non-members. $15 entry fee for members, $25 non-members.  6cm deep hanging sleeve ending 1/2 inch from edges of quilt and hook side of Velcro attached to hanging sleeve. All quilts for sale $125, you get $100 of that if sold.  I shouldn't imagine anything is significantly different from these rules.  (Membership fee for Aotearoa Quilters is $40 per annum for NZ's just for your info.)

I'm going to endeavour to send out weekly or fortnightly emails with my progress, suggestions and questions to see how you are all going.  And if the group is happy to share emails, we can get feedback and ask questions of the group as a whole - a little community of challengees!  

So if you want to join in, drop me an email theslightlymadquiltlady (at) and we'll get going.

Looking forward to the challenge!


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  2. Hm, interesting. Could be fun to join in, but I'm not going to ship my resulting work across the seas.

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  4. Love your blue and orange challenge piece!


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