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Sunday, May 14, 2017

The NZ Quilt Show - Interview with Clare Smith

Clare Smith is a textile artist living and working in Tawa, a suburb of the capital city, Wellington.  Clare began teaching adult education classes in surface design, applique and Japanese bookmaking at the beginning of 1998, and has now taught at many NZ quilt symposiums, all over New Zealand and internationally including the UK and South Africa.  Clare is a talented fabric dyer, including the art of indigo dyeing, she is also widely skilled in other facets of textile arts including machine quilting, applique, pojagi, sashiko, costume design, and pretty much anything else she turns her hand to.

This is the link to Through Our Hands, which is an online magazine based in the UK that Clare is affiliated with

The above photograph is Clare's piece called 'Bitter Harvest', which we discuss in the interview.  We also talk about Clare's skills and interest in boro, sashiko, pojagi and costume design.  Clare recently made seagull costumes and showed these on her blog for our amusement!

Clare's steampunk sparrow quilt (below) was accepted into the Aotearoa Quilters's travelling exhibition called Flight.

You can find Clare at

and here at her blog

These are the other textile art links that we talked about too:

Thanks for chatting with me Clare!

This episode was sponsored by Kerry Glen of Tulis Textiles.  Visit Tulis Textiles for high quality batik fabrics, surface design tools and supplies, speciality rulers and great customer service!  Kerry also has a Breast Cancer Foundation donation project running at the moment, where she is donating a portion of every 15 degree squedge tool purchased to the foundation to honour her sister and her friend and all other women who have been affected by this disease.  Click here to see the quilt made with the free pattern and to purchase the tool.

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