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Monday, May 22, 2017

The NZ Quilt Show - Interview with Diane Anderson

Diane Anderson is a New Zealand quilter who lives in beautiful Bream Bay, north of Auckland.  I first met Diane in person at a workshop with Jeanette DeNicolis Meyer and instantly warmed to her friendly, calm demeanour.   Diane is also a sought-after marriage celebrant, keen gardener, and likes to hike with friends in her spare time.  Diane is a mother of two children, a beloved retriever called Stella and a cat called Lola.  She will celebrate 40 years of marriage to Terry this year.

Diane specialises in hand work, including hand appliqué and Amish style hand-quilting.  I had a great chat with Diane about where she learnt her style of quilting, about her thoughts on keeping the skill and art alive and her top tips and ideas for learning and enjoying hand-quilting.

We talk about tools such as the long frames that Diane likes to use, and her favourite thimble, which is a Roxanne Thimble.  She also likes Roxanne needles for quilting and hand appliqué.  Diane recommends YLI thread for quilting and silk thread for hand appliqué.

Diane has travelled extensively, and it was on one of her travels to Houston, US, that she learnt the Amish influenced way she hand-quilts with Ester Miller.  She also loves antique quilts and owns two that she bought in the US and one she found in NZ.

Above is Lola the cat on one of Diane's beautiful antique quilts.

Diane only quilts for family and very close friends.  The amount of time she puts into each quilt means that she very rarely exhibits them and she confesses to often forgetting to photograph them too!  The quilt below is Diane's adaption of a Becky Goldsmith pattern that she made for her friend's 70th birthday.

Diane lists her influences as Gwen Marston, Pepper Cory, Barbara Chainey, Karen K Stone, Becky Goldsmith, Linda Seward, Jeanette DeNicolis Meyer and Mary Schaefer.

Diane can be reached through her celebrant site:

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