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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Answer for Tanya

This post is particularly for Tanya who asked me a question about the quilting process of a quilt. Quilting and me is a bit like chickens and me, I could go on and on for ages, so bear with me!

I've never sent a quilt off to be professionally quilted yet as I enjoy the quilting bit and believe it's part of the whole process (plus I don’t like paying!). But I'll never say never and if you have a huge king size quilt then hauling that through your sewing machine can be hard work.

I just use my normal sewing machine. For this one I free-motioned stitched (drop my feed dogs, use my embroidery foot and move my quilt to 'draw') the star in the centre and just kept echoing it. Then I free-motioned the seashell kind of filler around it. I did mark some of the star lines as they got bigger to attempt to keep them straight, but I don't mark fillers, they are all free hand.

For the seashell filler I start at an edge and stitch an oval shape, then I bounce back around that shape, finishing where I first started. Then I bounce around and around that shape and then I start a new shape from where I finished the old one.

This picture is the pattern drawn in pen with the first two shapes having directional arrows on them to show you how I stitched them. I started in the bottom right corner.  It’s easier to see it done than look at pictures and if you have a look at Leah Day’s blog, you can see videos of her stitching her filler patterns. I’m sure she probably has one very similar to the one I’ve used but I originally started using this pattern after reading one of Robbi-Joy Eklow’s books.

And be careful if you do start making quilts, it’s very, very addictive!


  1. Wow. You freehand it, huh? I'm even more impressed now. That is just amazing.

  2. I got fed up with the big quilts not fitting round my machine so now I've gone to the other extreme :) and do miniatures. Free motion is very addicting! So are embellishing machines and dyeing/bleaching etc, etc....

    viv in Dunedin

  3. How special do I feel! Thanks for the special reply. It still boggles my mind imagining manouvering a quilt around an ordinary machine. Thanks for revealing how it's done.

  4. I'm envisioning...
    a vacation with Lil' Bean...
    in Northland...
    where a mad lady will teach me how to quilt. :-)

  5. Cadi - you're extremely welcome anytime! (As long as I can envision a patient, gentle lady teaching me how to knit!)

  6. omg, Ms Lottie, you don't knit? I have a feeling you will before the year is out! Then you'll be raising little furry critters to glean wool could get ugly, lol! Elaine
    I love your tutorial!
    Hey sister, who had never quilted before, made a twin quilt from start to finish WITH the bias binding, in a matter of a few days. Pop over to my blog to see it, kinda cute.


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