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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Making the most of the good weather.

When you employ someone, (especially if they are your hard-working neighbour who knows a thing or two about building), things get done.

From a stack of timber to a fully fenced and gated dam in a week.  Wow. 

Hubby has spent the day fencing the top paddock, using the dam fence as the starting point.  He's now lying on the couch groaning about how much he aches!  I've been chopping and stump-swabbing gorse, planting trees, cleaning out rabbit hutches and feeding the bottomless stomachs of my children.

And admiring the baby bunnies.

Amazing how fast they are growing.  Not even a week old and they are furring up and have the fattest tummies.  Fluffy is obviously feeding them well.  She's also uber-protective.  Ever heard a rabbit growl?  Well, they do.  They also bite!


  1. Why is your son on the wrong side of the fence?!! It looks very professional, and boy those bunnies are growing fast. I daren't show them to my kids - I can just see them added to the wish list.

  2. You guys are the hardest workers I know. What a pretty wood-fence, too. And the bunnies are so cute.

    Movable pictures are def. a good rainy day activity. You can get creative with them in so many ways... Make it a squirrel going up a tree, a bird flying through the air, a child going for a walk...

    Have fun!

    Certainly looks like the waterhole is ready for rain. ;-)

  3. That is a great looking fence! Isn't it amazing how fast baby animals grow. Looks like they are going to be beautiful rabbits when they get grown. I love the brown ones.

  4. Wow...they have grown heaps in just a few days!

    your gated dam fence is looking great. Yay for neighbours that can build!

  5. ohhh, how cute, I love baby anything! Thanks for sharing, now go clean something, lol! Elaine

  6. Great looking fence....and cute bunnies! Re your comment on mind is starting to think they might actually be a good idea. The kids would LOVE them!


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