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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bunny babies at Windyhill Farm.

I would have updated you earlier but my internet access packed up yesterday.  Five little baby rabbits have joined the fray at Windyhill.  Mama is black, Papa is fawn.  And so we have three little black ones, one pink one (who will probably end up fawn) and one splotched black and pink (we'll have to wait and see).  They are all a decent size and, for a first time Mum, five is a good effort.  Hopefully she'll cope well with a smaller number and they'll all get fed.

And if you've got a moment, check out Little Grubs.  She has a bunting giveaway on her blog.  Yay!  I love bunting, but have just never quite got around to making any.


  1. Congratulations Mama Bunny! Check my blog to see what my Blondie did to your chocolate brownie!!

  2. They are just so cute. My little one was just by my side and now, of course, wants one of these bunnies! x

  3. Awwww. Too cute. Sniff. Missing our lil' bunny...


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