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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


After 400 metres of thread, I am beginning to think I am over-quilting this quilt. 

However, I only have about 100 metres left to go around the edges.

And then I can start on this one.

Methinks a flower in the centre with a geometric filler around it.

I think I'll make the filler motif just a tad larger than on that blue and yellow one...


  1. I've never made a quilt but know it's something that I will do eventually. I like to read other blogs about their quilting and note that quite a few people take theirs to professionals with big machines. How do you quilt yours and how do keep a track of that intricate pattern? I gather it is machine stitched? Do you trace first or just freehand it? I'm fascinated.

  2. Ms Lottie
    This is the most beautiful of quilts! I don't think you are overquilting at all. I wish I was patient enough to do this, but alas, I am not! Truly gorgeous, I love it, thanks for sharing, Elaine

  3. I like the first one, but LOVE the second it's really beautiful and the colours are stunning

  4. WOW - what gorgeous quilting. I've only finished two quilts and have only tried straight line quilting so far!!! This has definitely inspired me. x

  5. The quilting is gorgeous - love your idea of a central geometric shape then the rest a background filler - very clever. Hugs Jx


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