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Monday, July 26, 2010


It's my local quilting guild meeting tomorrow.  I'm on the committee (don't ask me how that happened) and I've organised a pincushion swap between members.  I suddenly realised I hadn't made one - not a good look if the organiser of a swap doesn't make an item to be swapped!

So this is my Belonephobia box (to save you a Google - it's fear of pins and needles!).  It's about four inches by 2 1/2 inches, quite large, but then you won't lose it.  It has rice in the bottom to give it weight and craft stuffing on top of that.  And it used up lots of scraps.

And then, of course, my little darlings saw it and both wanted one of their own.  I must tell them about 'thou shalt not covet'!

So here are two for them, just waiting to be stuffed and sewn closed.  I made them a little bigger and I don't think I'll put rice in theirs.  I have a suspicion they'll end up being thrown at each other so the less weight the better!


  1. Haha, of COURSE they'll be thrown around, that's exactly what my two would do with them too! Very cute, btw.

  2. Yep, mine just said, "Hey - they'd make really great balls!!".

  3. Cool stuff! My mother is quilting, too. I wonder what you can do with just a piece of material.

    Greetings from Switzerland

  4. I love the colors.
    The things you make are always so vibrant & colorful. Such a sweet pincushion should cure anyone suffering from Belonephobia. Would love to see what you got in the swap. Always nice to see creative things people come up with. :-)

    I have a favor to ask you, but I think your e-mail changed? Could you e-mail me so I'll have it?


  5. Scraps say a lot about a person I think...yours are beautiful and colourful

  6. I have to own up to a lot of these scraps being sent to me from Elaine from soggybottom flats! Lovely lady.


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