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Friday, July 2, 2010

Home, sweet home.

It is very, very good to be back home.  We arrived last night after a big drive from Hamilton, with a stop-off in Auckland to have lunch with some of my relatives who I haven't caught up with in a while.  Kids were very well behaved - even when I dragged them into The Apple Basket quilt store in Kaiwaka.  What lovely ladies in there, they let us use the bathroom and even gave my kids a cracker.  And such drool-worthy fabrics and patterns - worth a stop if you are passing.

Anyway,  introducing my newest nephew, who was the primary reason for my travels:

Is he just not the squishest, cutest little thing?!  Almost made me want another one....almost.

Lots of things have happened here since I've been gone.  But I'll tease them out over a few posts.  Right now I have to get back to unpacking, doing umpteen loads of laundry and admiring the newest batch of rabbits.  Nine altogether and born yesterday (I think!).


  1. What a sweet wee one! I bet it was difficult to leave him, lucky girl you. I am gladd all went well and that you arrived home safely. Take care, Elaine

  2. welcome home, we've missed you! Cute babies!


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