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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Plans for the Day.

These are willow and poplar stakes.  They turned up while I was away so they've been soaking in some water in our chillybin - there were too many for a bucket!  In fact, to be precise, there is 180 of them.  20 are for the neighbour (we combined our order to save freight) but that still leaves 160 to be planted.  Luckily they are pretty easy to plant - bang a metal pole into the ground first to make a hole, then push the plant pole into the hole.  Make sure it's firm and protect it from stock, then admire it in spring when it breaks out in leaves. 

It's sunny outside this morning so looks like a great day for some tree planting.

Hope you have a great Saturday too.


  1. Hope you had a good time planting. :-)

  2. Hope you got these all in before the rain and wind came!!! Are they just sticks? Or do they have some roots on them?


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