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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A little playing

The sky was so blue today and the house peaceful (one kidlet at daycare and the other at school) that I decided to play with a few blues of my own.  I need some more 'skyish' fabrics, so I mixed up a few different blues and tried a few different effects, like pleating, salt, dye onto dry and dye onto wet.  I used a high-thread count cotton, silk organza and silk habotai fabrics and procion MX dyes.  They are now in the washing machine and I'll photograph them tomorrow, weather pending.  

The pretty coloured wooden blocks were painted by my daughter and work well for holding down edges in the breeze.

Do you remember this stack of flannelette fabrics?   

Well, a bit of mix and match, a bit of sewing and a whole lot of seam clipping later, and it becomes a snuggly quilt for the kids in front of the television on cold weekend mornings.

I love how the colours mix in the seams.  And I really love how much it reduced my flannelette stash!


  1. Sounds like you had a play day!

  2. Raggy quilt looks like it's got lots of colours - but in a blendy sort of way. Are the edges just left clipped? Or are they bound?

  3. oh YAY...I love Play Days!! Looks like you had fun too. Love your is gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful! I had 3 hrs kid free today...well, 2 1/2 all said and done, but the husband is away for 3 days, so apart from that, I'm on board all the time!


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