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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More blues and fabric filtchers.

I've been using up the left over dye from yesterday.  Three cups of made up dye solution goes a loooong way!

These are the solid colour cottons I dyed yesterday.  The dye is squeezed through and the fabric left crumpled up in a pottle to batch.

These ones are the same dye but different ways of applying it.  The far left was laid out flat then smooshed up in a lengthwise pleat and the dyed dripped on top.  The middle one was laid out flat then dye poured on top till it was quite wet and then salt sprinkled on top.  The far right was laid out flat dry (having been soaked in soda ash solution and then dried) and all dye mixes dripped on top, then water dripped over it.

These are the silk habotai (left) and the silk organza (right).  The closeup is of my favourite piece.  It is silk organza twisted into a loose knot and then dye dripped on top.  The organzas and silks were not soda ash soaked to start with so I poured some soda ash solution over the top after maybe 20 minutes.

This morning I came out to the lounge and realised all the silk and organza pieces were missing from the clothes horse.  With some gentle persuasion, the kiddies confessed.  They loved the feel and look of them so much they had snitched them and hidden them in their pillowcases!  Fabric filtchers!


  1. Lovely story and wonderful dyeing process with lovely outcome. I really love each of the samples. Especially much the last photo!

  2. I remember when my 17 yr old was about 3, I found him with some new quilting fabric layed out on the floor, and he had smoothed his PJ's out on top. He had my scissors and was just about to cut out some new PJ's for me to sew for him. It was so cute :-)


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