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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Whiny Sniffler

Head colds always get me down.  They sap my energy and leave me wanting to do nothing but read.  (Unlike my crazy daughter who always seems to have boundless supplies of go-go juice!).  And read is about all I've been doing lately (The Liveship Trader series by Robin Hobb if anyone is interested, sci-fi fantasy escapism at it's best).  And I'm just managing to keep the house from drowning in chaos.

Maybe I'm languishing because I know that when I'm better I have painting to do.  Lots of painting!  I know I should be really happy that my studio is all but done, but instead I have a whiny monologue running in my head.  "It's going to take ages.  Can't we hire someone?  I don't really know how to paint a room."  Moan, moan, moan!  I need to kick myself in the butt and just get going.

Then I need to source a laundry bench, the floor needs to be sanded and varnished, the bathroom needs to be painted and my boy's bedroom wall needs to be painted.

And then it's ALL DONE!


  1. I'm turning an unusual shade of pea green down here :) A whole space just for craft would be amazing. Mine is shared with the dining room and the living room!


  2. It's not exactly a good time of the year to be doing all that DIY. I hope that once the snuffles are gone, you'll be more inspired.

  3. Oh give yourself a break, the paint won't dry at this time of the year!! Go read your book, or quilt!!Best medicine for you.

  4. Seriously....who could be whiny with an adorable little clown running around? What a great picture. Now get off your butt and paint! Won't take long and you'll be in heaven in YOUR studio. BTW....hello from Sacramento, CA. My daughter lives north of you in Rawene....not that you care, but needed to share :)

  5. Hey Ms Lottie, relax and get better. Those jobs will get done and probably won't be as bad as you think or take as long as you think! Usually my experience anyhow! You're going to love it when it's finished I'm sure.

  6. Charlotte, hope you feel better soon. What sort of thing are you looking for for a laundry bench? Do you remember we did up our laundry area a while back. We got a beautiful slab of wood from the sawmill at the end of your road, then took it to the slab man ( outside Kaikohe) and he had it sanded in an hour. Just a thought! xx


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