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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I've been convincing myself that I don't have many solids in my fabric stash.  I've picked the Gwen Marston class 'Small Studies' as my first choice at the Taupo Symposium in July and if I get it I'll need a range of solids.  And I know they say do not buy any supplies until your classes are confirmed, but I can't help myself.  Can you blame me if I want to be a little bit prepared?  Plus, solids in my stash will never go astray   (Does it sound like I'm justifying fabric purchases?)

So I pulled all the solids in my stash and piled them on the floor to get an idea of what I have and if I just happen to be at a fabric store, what I should be looking at.  There was more than I thought.

Then I have to post this photo of my design wall for the unbeliever (Suz!).  I've managed not to start any new projects (lots fizzing in my head) and those blocks on my design wall are from a quilt I started about seven (gulp) years ago.  I've even had the tui and flax piece off the design wall and under my needle.  In total I've worked on five different projects since I posted my last post and managed to move them all along a good bit.

And yes, I was one of those hacked (off) yahoo users.  I would like to clarify that I never even clicked on a link to get hacked.  So take care because some of you will be in my contacts.  Delete any emails from me with just Hello or Re: in the title and if you do, DO NOT open any links.


  1. Nothing wrong with working on 5 different projects at once...I do it all the time LOL! It's amazing when you start looking through one's stash just how much has found it's way in there, isn't it? hehe..It's also good to hear I'm not the only one with projects buzzing around in my head!

  2. Yes you DO sound like you are justifying more fabric purchase...only because I am also an expert at the justification diatribe LOL

  3. A little bit of preparation is good - even if it is unnecessary(grin!). I often amaze myself too with what I can pull out of my stash, piles of groups I didn't think I would have. Symposium seems such a long way away, but I know it will creep up quickly!

  4. sorting ones stash is always interesting.......if not frightening!

  5. I am always glad to be proved wrong... I got sick of looking at the quilt on my design wall, so I just took it down. Currently blank... maybe a chance to start a new project! When do we find out what symposium classes we have got?

  6. Consider it deleted - I spotted several others in my mail too so it must be doing the rounds.

    ONLY 5 projects!!!! I haven't the nerve to count what's round here - it's too intimidating.

    Solids are always an issue here - they get used lots for experimenting with. Luck with your classes btw. Wish I could afford to come but it's just too far from here and I couldn't justify the expense this time.


  7. NO excuse , please, for a visit to the fabrics shop. Quilters won't accept it. No, no, we will encourage you even and go into shops ourselves - inspite of full shelves and boxes etc. ;)).


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