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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I'm printing,


and trimming.  

I'm also trying to decide on a binding - who knew it could be so difficult?!


  1. How lucky to find your blog! I love it! I have been an unofficial doula at five births (twice for friends of my family and three of my five grandchildren - all five born at home, but I couldn't attend two of them). I'm crazy about anything homestead-related, too; I'm also a crafter since I was too young to remember now. So we have a few things in common . . .

    I love your fabric-printing experiments; I have lots of silk-painting supplies just waiting for the weather to be warm enough to work out on the balcony (probably April, but maybe May). You gave me some ideas with the flour resist info. I know about resists, but hadn't been thinking about flour/water.

    I am wondering if you printed the lovely green fern that illustrates 'trimming' above. It's just gorgeous!

    As to harvesting, I'm just jealous; we're in the depths of winter here in Alberta, but my Mum and I live in a converted to condos apartment, so no gardening unless I can coax some stuff to grow on the balcony. Lots of dust, etc. from the traffic just below and not edible dust, either.

    I'll be back to see your progress with projects from the Art book. Too exciting! ~ Linne

  2. I like the bird :) No idea about the binding - it's one of my failings too. Possibly a dark green?


  3. Always interesting to see what you are up. What about a very deep purple for the binding??
    You must be watering your garden to have such lovely garden has shriveled up long ago!

  4. Great looking harvest and beautiful looking quilt to be trimmed!

  5. Should add that my (ok but not brilliant) bird was a lino cut which I then glued to a small wooden block, Must try foam at some stage but lino cuts seem to be good at small scale too.



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