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Thursday, February 21, 2013

A little piece of my morning.

This is where I get to walk the dogs.  Here we've reached the top of the hill, so we get a nice long flat bit of road to recover.  It's dry, dry, dry at the moment.  And I've been looking at pictures of snow on blogs on the other side of the world.  Strange.

We have to reach the barn and then we can keep going if we're feeling keen (the dogs are always keen) or we can turn around for home if we're feeling a bit lazy.  I love the rusty stripe - nice focal point.  Can you hear a quilt being designed?

And I'm finding lots of things to practice taking photographs of.  Can you see the fluffy antennae?


  1. Nice pics :)

    I joined that fabric thing you linked to btw. Now I'm feeling insecure about what I have to offer! Oh well......


  2. LOL about the quilt are so bad hehe! Kaeli (now 10 months) and I walk the streets twice a day, stopping at every power pole, bush or possible edible item of interest! I would love to be able to "let her off" the lead but don't think I'd ever see her again LOL!!


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