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Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh my, what was I thinking?!

I thought it might be fun if the kids and I made this delicious recipe for Apple Custard Teacakes, which I found on my sister's blog, courtesy of sugarfishblog.

Well, the first thing was the fight over the little table I let them stand on - we found out Miss-almost-two has a mighty push in those little arms. Once that is sorted out, we measure and mix (spill, slosh, taste custard powder, sift everywhere but the bowl).

Then I turned around from having a quick scull of my cup of tea to find them both elbow deep in the sugar container, munching it up as fast as possible.

I gave them each a beater to lick to distract them while I wiped up (I know, raw egg, bad mother, but they are from my own chooks so I'm confident they won't get sick from it). And then sent them to wash their stickiness away. Mister-four-and-a-half comes back and says,"Come and see what O did, Mum! It's a big disaster!" (Where did he pick up such a turn of phrase?!).

So in the bathroom was dear daughter almost overflowing the sink because she has dumped a toilet roll in the basin, hmmmm, breathe deep. I cave in at this point, turn on the TV and finish off the baking myself!

And the finished product:

Verdict: very, very good! I didn't bother with the cinnamon and sugar and butter on top afterwards and the kids ate them just fine (apple and all). They are very yellow because I used three small eggs instead of two and they are free range with really golden yolks. These will go down in the family recipe book for making again!
Thanks Cat and Ruth. xx


  1. Hey, nice looking changes you made to the blog, may have to pick your brains on that one. I had a good laugh at your baking afternoon, it's so much more to handle with two kids, yeah?!

  2. Heh heh... it's hard cooking with kids isn't it! But they love it soo much! Your apple custard tea cakes look great :-)

    Ruth xx

  3. Oh, I love them dearly, but cooking with TWO takes an enourmous amount of dexterity, concentration, patience......and cleaning up!!


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