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Friday, August 14, 2009

Lovely things

I had a birthday recently and this arrived in the post for me. What a delight! Such a yummy collection of threads, all different colours, weights, sheens. I can't wait to break them open and get started. But I don't know where to begin! Perhaps some artist trading cards? Thanks, dear sister, you know me well. Then a friend and I went to our Quilting Regional Day and had a great time. And my day got even better when I realised that Plume Art Limited had a stall there. Once I had wiped up my drool, I preceded to buy myself a little birthday present. A couple of skeins of hand dyed different threads.
Some hand dyed silk rods. I don't know what I'll do with them yet, but they were too gorgeous to resist.
Some luscious Sari Ribbons in a big thick twisted rope. Imagine how colourful our world would be if we all felt uninhibited enough to wear saris of these hues!

And then these little chunks of art are hand carved art stamps from India. They were courtesy of the Trade Aid stall. Oh, there was also some fair trade chocolate from Trade Aid to, but, um, well, I ate it all - hey, it WAS my birthday!

I'm posting pics of beautiful things today because it certainly is not beautiful outside. Rain and howlingly windy.
I was primed for six hours of child-free curtain sewing today but turned back on the way to daycare because the level of water in the ditches was making me nervous. Flooding happens on our road and I'd hate for the kids to be in one place and me in another. (Although secretly I might be gleeful if I knew their grandparents could get to them and they were safe!)
So I am stuck inside with two cherubs and I require any little glimmer of peace, beauty and joy to keep me going for the rest of the day.

Wish me luck xx


  1. Oh, the colors are so beautiful! What treasures. I'm uhhhing & ahhhhing. It's so nice to be surrounded by beauty like this, isn't it.

    Glad to hear your children are home with you I could not imagine a flood separating me from mine. I'd go craZzZy. :-)

    It's funny. It's still Thursday here, but already Friday there. That's the day I always say to myself, "I wish I was there, 'cause it would be Friday already - the week winding down."

    But then, when Brent goes back to work on Mondays, while it's still Sunday here, I feel quite different about that! :-)

    Happy weekend to you

    Bright blessings,

  2. Glad the parcel arrived safely - they were so beautiful I almost didn't give them up. Love your other goodies too. My kids were watching the weather channel this morning and said it looks like Aunty Lottie's getting wet!! Guess they were right. It's raining here too.

  3. Happy birthday sis, excuse me being late as always! Mmmmm, your parcel and bits you picked up look good enough to, tangerine, boysenberry, yum!


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