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Friday, October 16, 2009


This morning I rushed home from work after a 12 hour night shift so I could say Happy Birthday to my boy and watch him open his presents. I managed to make a few of his gifts but he was thoroughly spoilt with other bought things too.

The crown was fun to make and with velcro on the back, it fits him and his little sister and will still fit him for a while to come yet.
The treasure below was a real hit. He's into pirates, knights and particularly their treasure and he has little stashes of bottle tops, coins, gold trinkety things and anything else shiny scattered around the house. So a little gold spray paint, some driveway rocks and a repurposed blouse sleeve and you have a pirate treasure sack!
I also made him a cape, which only came off (very reluctantly) before bed.

After a few hugs and swordfights (another birthday gift), I helped load the kids in the car for my hubby to take them to daycare. We also loaded in the cake for daycare's afternoon tea (I forgot to take a pic!). And then hubby causually mentioned that maybe I should look at the dog.
Emma is in season and so is confined to the small chook run and only let out for supervised (should that be chaperoned!?) walks. But this morning her baboon bum was kinda scary looking and had something pink poking out of it. In midwifery terms, if she was a woman, I was seeing a good peek of baby's head!
All I wanted to do was jump into my bed and snooze, but no, I had to call the vet. Here is where I should mention that buying a second dog was my HUSBAND'S idea. And he is the one who didn't want to spay her because he might want to breed from her if she turned out to be a good duck dog. Here is where I mention that it has always been ME that takes her to the vet for her shots etc. Grump, grump.
The upshot is I didn't get to bed till late morning and Emma will be spayed after this cycle. She has a prolapsed vag**a and it will keep happening every heat, it can get infected, it's very uncomfortable etc. etc. She is on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory and yes, it was ME giving her her pills tonight because my husband is away on a fishing trip.
On his new launch.
And yes, there will be a whole post about THAT.

Anyway, Will had a birthday dinner of squid rings at his Grandparent's house and is now peacefully sleeping in bed, tucked up with a few of his favourite presents! Happy Birthday my son.


  1. Happy birthday gorgeous boy!!! My birthday girl sends lots of hugs too. She also was thoroughly spoiled with a mix of bought, homemade, and "found" gifts. We are really into the second hand bookshop at the moment.

  2. Happy Birthday V!! We thought of you too. I'm a slacker and you'll have to wait for a wee gift to wing it's way to you. xxx Aunty Lottie

  3. Awwww. Happy (belated) birthday! What a beautiful special day - well, the birthday part I mean. :-) --- Hope doggie feels better soon...

  4. Oooh, Happy Birthday to BOTH my above nephew and niece! Lottie, I've said no way to a dog till the kids are able to do most of the work, pretty sure it will fall to me otherwise, regardless of hubby's intentions. Men, huh?! Love W's b'day presents, I just may have to steal a couple of those ideas! Lou, 2nd hand is great here too!


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