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Friday, December 11, 2009

Being a lady of 'leisure' has it's advantages. I get to paint my toenails, eat bonbons and watch daytime televsion.......not.

The turkeys are getting big enough for some outside time. Every morning I catch them and put them in a run outside, this involves lots of squawking and flapping (mostly from them). Every evening I catch them again and put them back in their brooder box inside, even more squawking and flapping. I feed them and change their water, and I feed and change the chicks water while I'm at it.

I'm still milk feeding the calves twice a day. But I'm cutting down their morning milk as I'm planning to wean them soon. Instead, I lug big buckets of calf meal to them. Gloria has lost her famine-victim look and is developing a fetching black tinge to her muzzle.
I have started a garden! And on my days without the kidlets, I get to spend about and hour and a half in here before it gets too hot for digging. It's rained once in the last two months, so I lug the washing machine water, the sink water and the bath water out here to give the seedlings a fighting chance.

And in between housework, kidwrangling, quilting and blogging, I've finally baked my Christmas Cake.

Now, where did I put that last bonbon?


  1. I feel ya sis. It is almost without fail 9.30pm before I manage to sit down at my sewing machine of an evening. I swear I am busier than I was when I was working in the city 2 days a week.

    About the rain, I'll send you some of ours. My washing got drenched AGAIN last night.

  2. Hmmm - no rain in sight for us this weekend - 37 degrees Saturday, 39 degrees Sunday. Methinks the pool will get a workout!!

  3. Oh, drenched washing, you are but a distant memory. "sighs"


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