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Monday, March 29, 2010

Then there were.....15!

Nrrggghh! The two doe bunnies I have boarding with someone I've never met (read about it here), just popped out 15 kits between the two of them.


I guess my rabbit breeding program has started a little earlier than I expected.


  1. Oh my, hahaha! Mmmm, rabbit stew anyone?

  2. Well they are rabbits :)

    Our bantams did that too - got away under the inaccessible flaxes and turned up with 18 chicks for one and 13 for the other. We had no problem finding homes as it turned out (except for the odd eaten rooster!)

    Strangely enough, those flaxes were gone next season....

    viv in dunedin

  3. Sounds like my experience with gerbils many years ago. I bought one and the next day I had ten. I like to have never found homes for them all. I had no grandchildren at that time,and was working public work, so I really had no desire to have that many gerbils. Today, I might be willing to tackle the job.

  4. Funny. I say, "YAY FOR PROCREATING." I mean, you *are* a midwife, right?! ;-)

  5. They have been busy haven't they. Cute though? :)
    Tracey x

  6. We are so trying to move to New Zealand this year and are planning to eventually buy a life style plot and get more involved in the good life.
    I am so interested in people that have succesfully done this and so any tips would be GREAT!
    Tracey x


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