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Monday, August 30, 2010

Higgledy Piddledy Post.

Ta muchly to all who commented on my last post (and if you'd still like to give me your thoughts, I'd be most appreciative). 

Congratulations, Faye of fayesplace!  My bemused hubby drew out Number One from the little pile I presented him with.  I will be getting a little something off to you shortly.

And as a point of interest, I happened to be speaking to a friend on the 'phone the other night and she mentioned she had found rabbit in our local supermarket for.......$24.95 (NZ, of course) for one rabbit!  Gulp!!  Maybe I should look into marketing them a little more seriously.

Now, onto some quilting:

Two little bassinet quilts for the maternity unit at our local rural hospital.  I finished them today using my beloved no-snit machine binding.  And I just happened to be travelling past today and was able to drop them off together with the other three I completed a wee while ago.  The gratitude they showed really polished my ego!

These were made with some leftover batik charm squares from Tulis Textiles.  I am forever amazed at how half-square triangles can be put together in so many different ways.  Might just have to try some more.  And the binding is the border I was originally going to put on my MIL's quilt, but decided it looked better without it.  Waste not, want not.

This is the back, I'm attempting to show the quilting, can you see it?  I'm still trying to decide whether this fabric is cute, or a little sinister....?

And then, because I was showing off big brother's drawings the other day, I just have to show this.  The first discernible 'thing' my three-year-old has drawn.  And she named it, not me!

Aren't scanners fantastic machines?!


  1. Oh, I love Doofda! I get an amorphous shape from my 2 yr old, which he proudly announces is a rocket ship. Every time. If pressed, he'll show you which bit is the nose cone, or he may even draw a separate one, then he'll carefully write his name with a series of carefully drawn wobbly little circle thingys. Pricelss!

    PS Thanks for the call today!

  2. Definitely looks like a bear to me.

  3. Funny how we find humor in every thing the little ones say and do,regardless of whether we should or not.Tell 2,for me, that's a Really Neat Bear! We were speaking of the grandchildren's only Aunt, geting upset about something, and the grandson blurts out"She needs to get a wife".(I know he heard someone else saying that, only using the word life)then he realized that didn't make sense to him, so he added. "I think she needs to get a Boyfriend." Their little brains absorb everything! I am forever cautioning Pop to be aware of what he says around them. It will reappear somewhere,at the most inopportune time.

  4. How exciting, winning your draw :-) It's the first time I've won on the "blog list" - thankyou. I have been away for a couple of days, so it was a nice surprise when I got home.
    Your childrens drawings bring memories of my boys when they were young. They are now 28 and 25 so dont draw for me any more... sad really LOL.


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