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Monday, August 9, 2010

"Mum! Look what I drew!"

My son will be six in a couple of months.  I have to show his latest drawing, I think it's just awesome.  (In case you can't tell, it's a castle!  There's a fight going on outside, you can see weapons and heads poking up above the dust cloud.  There's a couple of men falling off the top and one little chappy climbing a ladder.)

For a long time he wasn't willing to draw.  As a baby/toddler he would scribble away a bit, but wasn't really interested in paints and crayons like some kids are.  Then when he got big enough to want to draw a 'something', he refused to try - I think because he thought it wouldn't look like the 'something' he wanted it to be.

This one is a volcano, with three little velociraptors running around the trees and bushes at the bottom.

We got him over his perfectionism eventually and now he's keen as a bean to draw.  Sometimes he'll come back over and over to the same drawing adding more.  It's great to see him exercising his creativity like this.  (And it's a damn sight quieter than leaping round on the couch, hissing and roaring, being a Tyrannosaurus Rex).

The ultimate dino any kid wants to be - T Rex!


  1. Thats a very good castle too. I do like the draw bridge.

    My youngest has taken to drawing houses - ever since he could draw at all. He's now getting roof tiles and three dimensions and floor plans etc. (He just turned 12) I keep asking him for some scenery and he isn't too bad at that either. Otherwise his houses just sit in a white blank page! I think we may have an architect in our future :)

    viv in Dunedin

  2. Maybe there's hope for my 5 year old grandson. He is into Transformers,if you are aware of what that's about, and we think that is making him act out violently and aggressively wanting to smash and destroy everything. I live for the day he leaves that stage, and I get my sweet little boy back.

  3. Those are great pictures, my 5 yr old is somewhat the same way. Perfectionism is becoming less of a hindrance to him now and he'll draw up a storm....mostly monsters, superheros, and his inventions.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY too, 'lil sis!

  4. OK, now that we have the computer back after a week's absence - HAPPY BIRTHDAY neice and sister!! Love the drawings. Love Lou XXOXX

  5. Great pictures I love that Dinosaur! My daughter is six too - its a great age isnt it? I'm blown away by their creativity!

  6. I'm lovin' that castle. So boyish.


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