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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A few rainy day pictures

It's raining here today.  Pouring in fact.  So I'm just sharing a few pictures I've taken over the last little while.  Can you see the cheeky bunny stealing chook food?  We had a bunch of half-wild ones born a while ago and one day they all got out.  We managed to recapture most of them but this wee one has continued to elude us.  But he's semi-friendly.  I think he's living in the chook enclosure because he always seems to be there when it's food time, but I know he can sneak out through the fence too. 

Did you ever read 'My cat likes to hid in boxes' when you were a kid?  Wild Puss crammed himself into this box for a wee cat nap today.  Can't say it looked very comfy!

And these two made me laugh so hard I just had to take a picture!  They are a couple of my chooks done with a recipe my MIL shared.  You rub salt and pepper and turmeric into the skin - I added dried mixed herbs too - and then stand the chook upright and cram a jar of beer/cider/wine up it's bum.  Roast for about 45 mins to an hour depending on the size of your chicken.

I think they look like a couple of old ladies at a show day.  They've taken their little fold up stools and they're sitting down for a wee rest and a gossip about who won the chutney and pickle section!

By the way - they tasted delicious!


  1. LOL they do indeed. It started raining in whakatane late this afternoon, not too hard though, still to come i guess

  2. our guinea pig used to help himself to layer pellets & is now the biggest fattest pig you've ever seen!

  3. Those chickens with their bottles just cracked me up!! Have never seen the like ;)

    Love your chooks too - especially the ones with the beautiful lacey markings.

  4. What a hoot those chooks on jars are. I had a good chuckle at them. At first I thought it was your kids in some dress-up costume. Do you put the jar/bottle and all in the oven? I'd be a bit afraid it would break. I guess the alcohol fumes add to the flavour. You said "jar". Do you put the liquid into a jar, or do you put the stubbie itself up the bum (sounds so funny). I think I'd try it in the BBQ with the hood down, just in case the bottle burst.

  5. Hi Faye, apparently this was orginally a bbq recipe exactly as you said. I don't own a big one with a hood so I balanced them on a lipped baking tray. I used a jam jar as I thought a narrow necked bottle might bubble up too much. They used a can of beer when they did it on tv, but I'd be worried about the aluminium. The liquid in the jar keeps the chook nice and moist and adds to the flavour. Delish!

  6. You can really put the jars in the oven to roast the chicken like that? I'd love to give that a go.

    I was going to comment on the cute bunny, but how could I when faced with those chickens!

  7. hahaha, they look like they're sitting up to watch tv! Very funny, glad they tasted good!

  8. I hope that when you say old ladies at a show - you don't mean quilting shows!

  9. I sure needed a fold-up stool at the Calico Christmas quilting show. After the hours of looking at quilts, a wee sit down and gossip would have done me fine!!

  10. My cat likes to hide in boxes too :) We wore that book out altogether. Our cats would relate to the 'overflow' problem too :)

    We had a wild pet rabbit like that which got out and hung around for ages too.

    The fold up stools we got were a bit of a disaster - it was more comfortable just to stand!

    viv in dunedin

  11. You've got a pretty collection of chooks. I gotta say that the Light Sussex in particular are handsome things. Not usually great layers, mind, but pretty to look at.


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