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Saturday, January 29, 2011

After the Storm

And as suddenly as Wilma arrived, she has gone.  This morning is bright and clear and still.  The water is reduced from torrents to trickles.  I plugged in the freezer and she beeped cheerily at me and started up.  Phew.

I would have been really upset to lose a freezer full of food.  On top it has six homegrown roosters that we harvested the other day.  It has our rabbits, chicken stock, homegrown beef, wild pork, duck, homegrown's our frozen store cupboard that we could live out of for weeks. 

When we bought a big chest freezer we made the decision to spend a little extra and get a Vestfrost and we've never regretted it.  You can see how thick the insulation on it is, it makes it very economical to run.  It has a viewable thermostat and usually it runs at -18 degrees Celsius, this morning when I plugged it back in, it was sitting at -12.  Still absolutely solid frozen even after at least 15 hours with no power. 

I was contemplating a morning of squeezing, rearranging and giving away.  Now I'm breathing a sigh of relief and am grateful that I don't have to.  Instead, we will be working out a plan to clear behind our house.  With having our sewerage system installed there, using it as a storage area for miscellaneous junk and letting it get overgrown, we almost lost a valuable appliance and the food stored within.  It's time to get prepared for next time.


  1. whew! That's lucky and great! So glad it's working.

    Oh a chookie question - the silver laced one that's white, if it's a boy is he likely to be sterile? Cos I looked at pics of them on the web and they're pretty so I could keep him :) I'm sure one of the LS is a boy - he's huge! But I have a friend who wants a new rooster for his girls and seems keen to give him a home - so that would just leave any boy araucanas for your dinner - is that ok? I have no clue what they are - there are 2 smaller ones and one big one - and the big one was bouncing with boy LS the other day so maybe it's a boy?

  2. Thank goodness for your freezer and all it's contents. When we get really wet water seeps into our house (bottom level tiled area) - last night I scooped the power plug for our freezer out of the water before it got into trouble - lucky I remembered to check it!!

  3. What a relief for you.
    Great freezer you've got there too :)

  4. So glad to hear survived and that there is not too much damage for you.
    I'm sure you will love the feta you made. I took a class a few months ago and we were just saying yesterday how absolutely divine it was and that we must make more.

  5. Can you send a bit of sun this way - it was like winter here today - showery and cold!

    Glad you don't have to dispose of the stuff in your freezer - that would be discouraging.

    viv in dunedin

  6. What a relief about your frozen goods. Vestfrost must make good quality freezers!

    Homemade feta sounds fabulous.


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