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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little Projects.

A while back I signed up for a Round Robin with The Patchwork Place.  A good friend of mine takes classes with them and told me about it.  I've never done a proper Round Robin before so I thought I'd give it a go.  I've finished my first block and am ready to post it off - it's flying away to Aussie.  Our instructions were to make a 12 1/2 " block, on-point, representing our favourite feature about where we live. 

Mine represents the bush gully with the creek flowing through it that hides at the bottom of our block of land.  The colours are for the NZ bush and the dawn skies that I love and the koru has four buds on it for the members of my family.  The green border symbolises the greenness that surrounds me everywhere I look. 

Looking forward to receiving the next set of instructions!

I'm also going to admit that crumb quilts and me just don't go.  I made a start, and that's about as far as it got.  So I've found a new way to use my scraps (maybe not teeny crumb scraps) and have a handwork project to do in those moments as well.  I'm paper piecing a square and diamond quilt.  Because I want to organise a colour wash layout, I'm basting everything first and will then stitch them together when I have them laid out how I like.  So it might take me a few years, but all good things take time right?


  1. I do like the way your stream meanders over the squares next door - and I do think that the green border just adds that extra something to the top of the block. Wonder what's next??

  2. Love the block! I love having a hand project to cart around with me. During the kid's vacation swimming it was crochet angels - I think I ended up with 29!!

  3. Great minds and all that - I have been making hexagons for the same reason (and they are great for music lessons and boring stuff you can't get out of :)

    Except....I went and used most of what I'd made in the quilt I talked about last week so I'm almost back to square one with a whole heap of paper templates - slightly used :)

    I like the block btw. I've not done a round robin but it does look interesting.

    viv in dunedin

  4. Hi, are your designs appliqued onto the squares? They are beautiful and so detailed that I thought they must be appliqued or ironed-on. I have searched your blog for directions, to no avail...From Susan in Tennessee

  5. Hi Ali - a crumb quilt is where you sew all your teeny tiny scraps together to make bigger bits. You keep sewing until you have a block that's a useful size and then you start on another block. Then you sew those blocks together and voila! you have a crumb quilt. I've discovered my patience is lacking somewhat!

    Hi Susan - My designs are a positive/negative applique method using fusible webbing. And I'll do a post soon on how I do it. Thanks for giving me the idea.

  6. Gorgeous block. Will look forward to seeing how you are laying out your squares and diamonds quilt! xo

  7. I don't do quilting, but enjoy reading about how you do it and seeing your beautiful results.
    That round robin is a great idea - it will be nice to see how it all ends up. Cheers!


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