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Monday, February 28, 2011

Red and Black

I have an idea *.... lets all wear red and black (Canterbury sporting colours) next Tuesday 1 March - a week after the terrible and fatal earthquake, to show our heart-felt support for Christchurch people and to give Cantabrians the message that "we love you, we feel your pain and we are all with you".

Imagine walking down the street and seeing red and black everywhere - New Zealanders showing support and solidarity for fellow New Zealanders.

Imagine being a visitor to NZ and experiencing this country-wide expression of support.

Imagine being a Cantabrian and seeing and feeling this big wave of kiwi support.

Get out your red and black clothes, scarves, hats, bags and shoes next Tuesday 1 March and show you care for Christchurch

Share this with your family, friends, work colleagues and neighbours

Let’s show Christchurch that we care for them and are thinking of them now.

*This is not actually my idea - post is copied from an e-mail sent to me - but you can be sure that I'll be wearing red and black tomorrow.


  1. That's my grade school colors,too. We were Red Devils,until they started messing with the school names.(Folks thought it implied something satanic,I guess.)

  2. Hmmmm.....have to dig out that red shirt. The jersey might be more of a problem. Hope for a warm day :)

    viv in dunedin

  3. Nice to meet you today! I sorry I missed the Red and Black thing...
    I hope you had a nice day out with your friends.
    I am now following you.


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