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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Welcome To My Life

I've had trouble finding words to write lately.  I think it's just a general tiredness that has infected my life lately and permeated into my blogging life too.  I dare say the Christchurch earthquake has something to do with it.  So to try and find my blogging mojo again I've decided to go back to how I originally envisioned this blog.  Just a little story about my little life.  Written for me, my family and my kids and anyone who's interested. 

When I started a web log I saw this as a good way to keep a diary, a diary with pictures!  My kids can look back at it one day and see what their life was like, what my life was like.  My family overseas can read it and keep current with what I'm up to.  And of course, anyone else who is interested can read along too. 

So in that spirit, I'm not going to worry about writing something fun or informative, or taking pictures of something beautiful, I'm just going to write about what I'm doing, right now, today.

Which is quilting.  I'm making bias strips for my applique panel in the centre of my big blue and white quilt.  It's the first time I've used bias press bars (borrowed from a friend - thanks!) and I like them.  Even my falling-apart iron can't stuff them up.  I bought a trestle table a little while ago and having that extra surface has allowed me to get rid of my clunky, annoying ironing board and just press my small bits on a old, folded towel.

Meanwhile, outside Hubby is building a deck.  What with having the shed extension and veranda finished he's got all enthusiastic - but who am I to complain?  It will get us up and out of the mud this winter.  Fantastic!

And what are the kids up to?  Nothing much.  Just playing in the mud, like all good kids should do.  They need to get in as much outdoor play as they can because the weather in changing, Autumn is on it's way.


  1. Good to see you back! Must be the time of year perhaps? Look forward to seeing the finished applique centre. What I can see looks good so far.

  2. Tradgedy of any kind can effect different folks in different ways. We had a house fire in 07 and I thought I'd never get my old self back,but time has healed things a lot for me and life goes on. I think I'm back to "normal",for me anyway. My crafts keep me sane most days, and the diary of the goings on in daily life is pretty much my style. It works for me.Be Patient.You'll be back to "your normal"in due time.

  3. Hey honey, we're always thinking of you. I can relate to the tiredness and emotional time that you're having. By the way thank you for the birthday present - it's absolutely gorgeous! Your nieces and nephew are saying big hugs from them. xxoxx

  4. Love that, simple-pimple!
    I remember my kids running around outside with nothing on! And loving it....oh the simple freedom....they might not now at 20, 17, 14 & 12!

  5. Lovely post, nothing like the pleasure of doing things at home.
    It's only natural to feel a bit down with all that's been happening over there.
    It's been a bad year all round with disasters.
    Keep your chin up, you'll get your mojo back - sometimes it just takes a bit of time :D


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