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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First lesson of photographing quilts....

Don't try and photograph your quilts when there are small children around!  The little darlings believe the world revolves around them and just cannot let a photo op go past.

So I gave up after that!  But you get the general idea, and actually, she works quite well as a scale measure ;)

This piece of delight is one of the quilt tops that has been back and forthing it between my sister and I for about two years.  I made the centre medallion, she put the next border on and so on.  The luscious flying geese were done by her.  You can read more about our process here.

She also posted me her top which you can see here (I gave up photographing remember) and now I'm one border behind her - looks like I need to brush up on some flying geese techniques!


  1. I wish I had a sister. How cool is that to be able to share a project and then have this wonderful family heirloom. I love pouring over your quilt photos. I can't quite dip my toe in the water here and I need some advice....
    I look longingly at fabrics but the price is quite significant. I think maybe I should buy a fat quarter every so often...but then I worry that many of the quilts I see in the shop are all so co-ordinated with "ranges" and aren't really piecemeal at all. So am I better to buy all the fabric I need in one season because the dyelots are all in similar palettes? Do you buy all your quilt fabric in one go?

  2. What a wonderful looking quilt, child and all!


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