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Monday, February 7, 2011

More Little Projects

This year I said I'm going to work on one UFO/WIP/PHD (unfinished object, work in progress, project half-done!) a week and try and get some of them out of the way using little baby steps.  Well the baby steps got my three bassinet quilts all done.  They are for the maternity unit at our local rural hospital.  My daughter REALLY wants to keep the colourful one.

 This week I'm working on these blocks.  They were started in a 'Recession Quilt' class.  Hmmmm.  Not my kind of colour combinations, so I've put them away again and again, lost for inspiration.  But I think I'm getting somewhere now.  I'll show you a finished shot when I'm done.

I was meant to be working on a big blue and white quilt that I've had half sewn together for ages.  However, on laying it out, I'm missing several blocks.  Grrrr!  Frustrating.  I'm hoping they'll turn up as I work through other projects.

It's also the time of year for Christmas themed fabrics to be on sale.  And since I can now buy fabrics again (!!) I have in my possession nine metres waiting to be turned into gift bags.  I ran out of bags at Christmas time and they save so much wrapping paper and time spent wrapping that I'm determined not to run out this year.  I've made eight new ones so far.  Several more metres to go.

I'm snuffling today with a summer cold.  Not pleasant in the sweltering heat and humidity we are having.  Plus the builders are banging and crashing outside, but I'm not going to complain about that at all.  They are putting on cladding so I'll take a few more pictures soon.  Almost finished!!!


  1. Haven't you just been a busy badger... like the way your recession quilt is turning out - keep going!

  2. You have been busy! I also want to work on one UFO a week - it's been the same one for the last two weeks so far. School's back, and so are all the extra activities - but I'm trying to fit in five minutes a day. I love you bassinet quilts - gorgeous!

  3. The bassinet quilts are really nice.
    Love the colours in the recession quilt.
    What a great idea the gift bags are... I shall do some myself :)

  4. I agree, you have been busy - great to get some of those UFOs out of the way - the bassinet quilts look lovely. I like the name of your recession quilt - I'm guessing it is totally made from scraps!?


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