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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Where I confess I am a dork.

So last post, I talked about how I was frustrated because I wanted to work on my big blue and white WIP (work in progress) but couldn't find a few pieces.  See the missing sets above? 

To make a nice square quilt I was missing two sets of three blocks.  My good friend Sue suggested that maybe I had never actually sewn those sets and would have to sew some more.  But I knew I had finished every block for the quilt!  So I searched my WIP pile.  Then I searched my boxes of miscellaneous fabrics.  Then I searched my scrap box.  I was even contemplating searching my fabric stash.  Grrrr.  Then I looked through my old pictures to find one of my layout to convince Sue (and myself by this stage) that I had actually finished all the blocks.

Oops.  It's not a square quilt.  It's a rectangle and I had all the pieces in my hot little hand, I just couldn't see how to lay them out.  Doh.  Sorry Sue!

I'm off today to find some white on white print fabric to match for setting triangles. 

And this pic is for Cathy from Cabbage Quilts who is also doing a paper pieced quilt with diamonds and squares, but a different layout.  She wanted to see my layout and a picture says it better than words.  Cathy's is a beautiful Kaffe Fasset pattern and she has the most delicious sense of colour.  Go check her out.


  1. Oh I really like them both, and I love the numbnuttedness of your dilemma! I really think I'd like to try quilting, it looks like something really special.

    I just don't really understand exactly what it is... is it basically sewing pieces together to make up a quilt?

  2. I must be a latant bizarre mathematical sevant because when I looked at the first picture i thought you had all the pieces, they were just funny...and strange (cue twillight zone theme music)

  3. Don't leave me in suspense - what goes in the hole in the middle? Do you think you have the patience required to finish all those paper shapes? I know I don't! Once again, love your colours... and the way they merge into each other

  4. Mine has sort of ground to a halt - mostly due to the upcoming exhibition.

    I found a container of small, papered squares after I finished one major project. Forgot entirely that I'd made them at all and the container was very anonymous. (A friend took them and made a really neat picture so they didn't go to waste :) Does that give me a license to join the dork club?

    For the rest - what suz said :)

    viv in dunedin

  5. I'll let you all know what I'm putting in the middle when I've decided! It's probably why I put it away - I wasn't sure what to use as a central feature, but ideas are brewing!

  6. Oh Wow, I adore your square triangles layout! (not to mention the colours you are using, gorgeous!). I have not seen this layout before, it will be fun to watch it coming together. Laughed about your blue and white 'lost' pieces, that is the sort of thing I would do! Thanks so much for putting the photo up for me, love it. xo

  7. hehe I love the toes in the last photo!


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