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Friday, February 11, 2011

An apple a day...

Three Mama Bunnies - enjoying an apple treat for breakfast.  Does the grey one (Little One) look pregnant?  If she is, then she's due in a week or so, and will soon be taking vacation to a smaller run where I can keep a closer eye on her.


  1. ....and I can't beleive you may be eating those cute little bunnies some day(or their offspring).I know! Many folks do, but I could never look anything in the face, call it by name on a daily basis, then kill and eat it.I'd have to turn vegetarian first. I guess I'm getting old.

  2. Are you going to eat them? I cannot eat rabbit. I just see thumper. My husband has tried to get me to eat it so many times but i just can't.


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