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Friday, November 12, 2010

Round Robin

A dear friend who is a kiwi living in Australia (there are a few too many of them for my liking - move back home you lot!!) has talked me into an international quilting Round Robin.

It's run by The Patchwork Studio in Australia.  My friend does a weekly class with them and loves it.

Welcome to the registration for The Patchwork Studio's

FREE international Round Robin!

How it works:

As a participant, you will be sent some guidelines and instructions from The Patchwork Studio as to creating your first piece. You will also be sent the name and postal address of another participant whom you will forward your piece to at the end of the first five (5) week stage

(please note that participants will need to pay for packaging and postage).

You will then receive the first piece from another participant in your group, and you will be given further instructions from The Patchwork Studio to add onto that piece. Everyone in the group is given the same instruction, and has a further five (5) weeks to complete the stage.

This process is repeated a further two (2) times. At the end, the quilt with your original starting piece is mailed back to you. You now have a beautiful quilt that has been worked on by at least three other participants in your group!

Registrations for the January 2011 Round Robin close on the 20th of December.

Registrations for the March 2011 Round Robin close on the 20th of February.

I lifted all the info above straight from their registration page, but I'm sure they won't mind a bit of free  advertising.  If you are interested in joining in, click here.  It's the first time I've participated in something like this so I'm excited to see how it pans out - I'll try anything once!

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  1. Well it looks interesting. I'm not really a traditional quilter though (I have done a few but only to learn technical things). You'll have to give us progress reports on how it all turns out.

    viv in dunedin


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