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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Quilting in Queenstown

Yesterday I had a flash of horror!  I was musing about it being the first of November when I realised I hadn't sent off my Remarkable Symposium class registrations that are due on the eighth!  I dropped everything and sat down to it. 

Ready to Send - that's a wild pig ready to cut out in the background for my FIL's quilt.
 Symposium is a bi-annual quilting event in New Zealand where they gather national and international tutors for a week of classes and lectures, they have huge exhibitions, lots of fun happy hours and gala dinners and, of course, a merchant's mall.  I'm sure it doesn't rival the huge events in the USA but for little 'ol NZ, it's a big deal.

I missed out two years ago, but circumstances are more conducive this time around and I'm off to Queenstown in April!!

I've been mulling over which classes to take for ages but in the end I put my name down for:

Celtic Cutwork with Yvonne Brown
Art Quilt - Line Dancing with Jeanette Deniicolis Meyer
Pattern Play with Jane Sassaman

Please, oh please may I get my first choices!!!!

And just because I got round to it, here is the piggy block from the first pic all fused up.


  1. Your pig design is perfectly placed on the fabric - I find it hard to believe you have all those perfect fabrics in your stash! Why is it that mine seems to consist of Karitane yellow reproductions by the metre and random full on florals??

  2. That pig is perfect - reminds me of the one that chased me up onto a gate one time. I love the fabric choice.

  3. Oh good on you for planning on Queenstown!! A group of us are thinking maybe the next one.... Your pig is just perfect (sorry to repeat what the other comments have said but there is no other describing word as good at this time of the night!) - an inspired choice of fabric.

  4. Haha! I think it's funny what you're all saying about that fabric. It's one I've had in my stash for a while now and never used it because I think it's UGLY! (But it does work for a hairy old pig)


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