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Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Tidings

I've had two pieces of good news today.  First up was the word about about my Father in Law.  He was in surgery today to remove 'Bertie' - his not-so-fond nickname for his cancerous tumour.  Bertie is gone, and my FIL is awake, alert and doing well.  Phew.

Second was the very exciting news that my peace and quiet is about to be shattered.  By diggers and concrete trucks.  Finally, finally, finally, work is beginning on our shed extension and veranda.  Wednesday is the big day. 

This photo was taken way back in November last year - a whole year ago we were preparing the site for the new shed, it's been a long time coming and will be appreciated more because of it. 

And this junky cluttered space is out the front of my house.  I know I live in a converted shed, but I'm tired of it looking like a converted shed.  I want a nice space to come home to.  And finally there is light at the end of the tunnel!  There will be a five metre wide veranda roof all along this front.  That sounds wide but it will have clearlite (a clear roofing perspex) in it over the window and doors to let in light and it is also a really high roof line, so I don't think it will be dark and gloomy underneath.

Then I aim to landscape the area underneath - I'm thinking a deck and/or some pavers.  Then a little bit of lawn in front of that out to the tyre/plant pot line. (I've already been planning!  Those are my markers.)  Some herb planters along the edge.  A retaining wall on the bank to the right.  One day the last bay of the shed will be clad in and fitted out as a sewing room/office/spare room .

But we're doing it slowly, paying for it as we can.  It's hard sometimes not to feel a bit hard done by when I look around at some beautifully finished houses and gardens.  Then I think about the stress of a large mortgage and think I'd rather do it like I am (and anyway, you don't notice the mess after a while!).


  1. Glad to hear about your FIL, and yay for having the peace and quiet broken in such a manner!
    Yep, there's nothing like having an almost, almost gone mortgage and looking at those bigger houses and fancy cars and being pretty sure most of them are in much more debt than you are.

  2. good news about Bertie be gone!

    And yeah! A verandah. It'll look brilliant. We put the verandah on our house too and it changed everything. You're going to love it. and saving and doing it when you have enough is the way to go - this I know - it took 5 years to get our new deck but all the more special cos we saved and waited!

  3. We are still working on the bathroom round here :) It is a slow process working at things with very little income but they do get done eventually!

    I love my veranda even if it is narrowish but a 5 meter one sounds awesome.

    Glad your FIL is ok.

    viv in nz

  4. Good to hear they could remove the tumor for your FIL. That's what took my Dad, but it was the size of a grapefruit, and entwined around several vitals in his chest cavity.They asked permission to remove it to prepare him for the burial, and Mom allowed it since he wanted it off so bad during the last few weeks of his life.What difference could it make now,but to make his burial garment fit better, she agreed.

    I think you are doing a commendable job with the living quarters. I have always said,If you have access to water,electricity(and even that is not necessarily a must)and a warm shelter,you can survive. I know we always think we can,but the true test is in doing, and you have done that. You can put a strong,durable cover over what you have and cutsy it up to where it is the homiest place around.A warm inviting home is not determined my the structure nor the furnishings.

  5. What a relief about your FIL - hope everything continues to go well for him. How neat to be working on your extension---I see a whole lot of busy-ness ahead for you but oh so exciting!!!

  6. Good news indeed....I'm glad that your FIL is doing well, whew! Now the house, wahoooooo!!! Get the bubbly out for that one. And good for you doing it a bit at a time, smart move, very smart. Congrats, Elaine

  7. Glad to hear about your FIL, wish him a good recovery from us. Can relate about the mortgage thing - we have a largish one and it is a continual stress for hubby. But the concrete truck has just rolled up for us this second - paving down the side of the house - YAY!!

  8. Hope FIL continues to improve. I love the planning bit around new ventures - I have been planning my new sewing room for about 15 months now - just have to get "rountoit". Every month my plans change, but it's fun moving things round without the back strain. But, it will be so much nicer in reality. Looking forward to some photo's of the extensions.


  9. I hear you! Ditto situation (well similar - we live what will be our a double garage/sleepout with a separate bathroom (all mod cons however) and caravan for sleeping in. The main downside is lack of shade, but we will be working on that soon! Great to hear you are getting some improvements done.
    Best wishes Bridget


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