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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I made soap!

 (And I found my camera, but not until after making the soap, which is why you have shots of the finished product and not the process.)

And it wasn't that hard.  The hardest bit was getting around to doing it.  It's not a very kid-friendly activity, what with the caustic soda and all, so I needed to fit it into a kid-free slot.  So yesterday I put off the thrilling job of house cleaning and instead, I made soap! 

And this morning I unwrapped the towels and voila!  (Can you tell I'm just a little bit chuffed?)

I used a recipe from Frugal Kiwi's blog here.  Except I substituted 100ml of coconut oil and 100ml of ricebran oil for 200ml of the olive oil.  I also added some lavender essential oil - Frugal Kiwi says about 30ml, and I added about 20ml and unless you are a real perfumey person, even that might have been a bit much.  Smells a little like Granny's linen closet round here this morning!  But then again, that might wear off a bit once it's cured. 

So now I wait for about a month.  Then I'll test the bars with some pH test paper to make sure it's not caustic anymore.  And then.....I get to have a shower with my very own homemade soap!! (Yes, very chuffed!)


  1. thanks for sharing the recipe!! that looks amazing.
    enjoy the smells ♥

  2. This is one thing that I would love to try... I am chicken. I guess it's the lye and all the warnings. Maybe next summer.....

  3. wendyytb - give it a go. I was a little bit wary and it was fine!

  4. Great job! I made soap last year, I need to make it again real soon. I was so surprised at how easy it was. I made mine from Rhonda's blog. I think it was from there I had also read, after my soap was made, that you can add coffee grounds and raw oatmeal, for scrubbing those those little gardening dirty hands. I am going to try and make some of that. Thanks for sharing, Elaine
    How long did you have have to wait until you removed it from the molds? Did you oil them or anything?

  5. soap making is soo easy, and that lye, its not that scary, i dont even wear gloves or anything.
    ive made a few batches now, one with poppyseeds that is good for scrubbing, and oatmeal. my sand version and seaweed were revolting. i wash my hair with a plain olive oil and coconut oil soap and hubby uses it as shaving foam as well.
    great fun eh!! 2 weeks curing is enuff, and i do the tongue test, tastes tingly and its not ready lol

  6. Fantastic! Has been on my list of 'to-do's' for a few weeks now, you might just have spurred me to get 'aroundtoit'.. and I couldn't think what to use as molds. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Im another one that has this on the to do list - but is it too scary! I think I'm inspired and feel some christmas pressies coming on!!

  8. Yep, I'm another who is procrastinating about making the soap. I thought I was ready about a month ago and discovered I only had a meat thermometer and you need a candy one. So, ... that's my latest excuse. Yours looks lovely - nice and creamy. Well done! Really must get my act together .........

  9. Faye, I didn't have a thermometer so I got a milk frothing one. That goes low enough to measure 38 Celcius, whereas some of the candy ones don't go that low.

  10. Well done! It really is not a huge deal-once you do it. Your soap looks beautiful. I'm SO not a lavender fan so any is too much for me, but it is one of the stronger scents. If you need some pH paper, let me know. I've got plenty and might be over your way this weekend.


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